Lynn hypnotist develops book to help children to go to sleep

Rory Fulcher of King's Lynn with his new book To help children to go to sleep at bedtime. ANL-150212-120312009
Rory Fulcher of King's Lynn with his new book To help children to go to sleep at bedtime. ANL-150212-120312009
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For many parents, the word “bedtime” can be the starting point for tantrums, and excuses – not the restful experience that they all pine for.

And for most authors, the thought of their books sending readers to sleep would be horrifying.

But the latest publication by a Lynn-based hypnotist is a book which promises to do just that, at least for children.

Sam the Sleepy Sheep, which has been created by Rory Z Fulcher and Dr Kate Beaven-Marks, was released on Monday and has been labelled as the ideal solution for stressed-out parents who are struggling to get their children to sleep.

The 32-page paperback, which is packed with illustrations, uses sleep-inducing language patterns that help children to relax and feel tired, whilst keeping them engaged with the story and its loveable characters.

Mr Fulcher said: “I do hypnotherapy training in London with Dr Kate Bevan-Marks. We thought this would be an ideal thing to do for parents.

“Children are really responsive to hypnotic suggestions and during the story there are suggestions for them to go to sleep.

“Parents are asked to read the instructions at the front and when they read the book, children sub-conciously pick up on it.”

Sam the Sleepy Sheep is easy-to-understand for children (and parents) of all ages. It is a charming, magical story, which is also a completely natural, safe and fun way to get children to go to sleep.

Although it takes around half-an-hour to complete, Mr Fulcher said: “If it is taking some parents two-to-three hours to get their children to sleep, then 30 minutes is nothing. All children are different. The book might take some children a few minutes to get to sleep and others may take a little longer.

“It has been tried and tested. It has been really well written and the illustrations, which were done by a girl from the Ukraine, are amazing.”

If successful, Mr Fulcher hasn’t ruled out releasing further books in the future.

“My other books have purely been about hypnosis, but this one is purely for parents,” said Mr Fulcher.

“We haven’t had too many parents come back to us yet, but if we get some positive reviews on Amazon and it goes well then we could look at doing more books in the future.”

The book is priced at £7.99 and is available on Amazon or by visiting