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Lynn Police launch major operation in West Norfolk

By Lynn News Reporter

Lynn Police launch Operation Guardian (4142620)
Lynn Police launch Operation Guardian (4142620)

Lynn Police has launched a major operation to crack down on rural crime in West Norfolk.

Operation Guardian targets criminals who use West Norfolk roads and who travel through the region from Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

The operation team is made up of around 15 officers who patrol main roads into Lynn, including the A10, A17 and A47.

To launch the operation, PC Philip Nash and PC Nick Brennock were tasked with patrolling the A47 between Lynn and Wisbech. Other officers were dispatched elsewhere across the region.

PC Philip Nash said: "Operation Guardian targets everything from thefts, no MOT, insurance, licence, criminals travelling through with drugs, and more."

Just before midday, the two officers pulled over their first vehicle, a silver transit van, due to an expired MOT.

Shortly after, they pulled over another transit van in Marshland St James due to an expired MOT.

At this point, PC Nick Brennock swapped patrol cars with PC Natalie Nunn.

PC Philip Nash and PC Natalie Nunn pulled over a blue transit van due to speeding and discovered its MOT was expired and the driver was uninsured.

The vehicle was taken away and signed over to be destroyed.

Following this, the two officers stopped another white transit van and conducted a saliva swab on the driver. The driver was taken to the Police Investigation Centre (PIC).

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