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'Slimming World saved my life', says King's Lynn woman who shed six-and-a-half stone

A slimmer who lost six-and-half stone in less than two years is looking forward to inspiring others when she takes on the role of consultant at a Lynn group this month.

Ahead of World Diabetes Day on Thursday, November 14, Charlotte Doughty, of Lynn, is also celebrating the fact that by losing weight, she has reduced her risk of type 2 diabetes.

She has grown up with a family history of diabetes with her dad and grandmother both suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Charlotte before her weight loss (21033579)
Charlotte before her weight loss (21033579)

Charlotte achieved her weight loss having joined Slimming World, which supports patients who have type 2 diabetes to lose weight and manage their glucose control.

Charlotte joined her local group at Gaywood Library in 2017. She said: “I was diagnosed firstly with gestational diabetes when pregnant with my second child in 2001, then again with pre-diabetes in early 2015 at the age of 38 while pregnant once again. The doctor told me my weight was seriously impacting my health, and I needed to take control of my weight to help manage the condition.

"Unfortunately my unborn baby was later diagnosed with Edward’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder, and sadly passed away in the womb at 37 weeks.

Charlotte after shedding more than six stones (21033581)
Charlotte after shedding more than six stones (21033581)

"I was told by health professionals that my weight along with my age may have played a factor in my baby’s condition. Due to my grief and self-loathing that I may have caused my baby’s condition, my eating escalated further and despite the warnings from my GP, I continued to eat fast food and drink pints of lager.

"It became a vicious circle of feeling depressed about my weight by turning to food and alcohol. Being overweight seriously began to impact on so many aspects of my life. I always felt like I was lacking energy and motivation."

With support from her partner, Ian, and the group, Charlotte followed Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan and started cooking healthy meals from scratch.

She said: “People think slimming means going hungry, yet it’s not like that at all with this healthy eating plan. I love food and I never once felt like I was on ‘a diet’. In fact, people are always surprised at how much food I have on my plate and can’t believe I’m losing weight eating so much delicious food and without ever feeling hungry."

Charlotte has gone from a dress size 24 to a size 12. She’s also more active nowadays and regularly attends the local Parkrun at the Walks.

“Thanks to the changes I’ve made my health has improved dramatically and I am no longer pre-diabetic. My blood sugar reading is now in the normal range and I show no symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

"Slimming World has literally saved my life as I was only heading one way. I want to go on to inspire and support others to do the same, I’ve got my life back and I couldn’t be happier."

She will take over as consultant at Slimming World's group which meets at Providence House, Providence Street, Lynn, group on November 23.

The sessions run every Saturday morning at 8.30am and 10.30am. For further information please contact Charlotte on 07840 769842.

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