Make it hog heaven for Crimplesham pet Posey

Hollie Evans with her daughter Flora Evans (3) and Posey The Pig in the field at Crimplesham
Hollie Evans with her daughter Flora Evans (3) and Posey The Pig in the field at Crimplesham

A West Norfolk couple who look after a pig as a pet have set up a crowdfunding page so the newest member of their family can enjoy more freedom.

Hollie and Dylan Evans, from Crimplesham, want to put fencing up around two fields at their property so Posey, who arrived out of the blue last September, can roam around at her leisure.

Hollie said: “She just turned up in our drive one night. It was very dark and our dogs were going mad. At first, I thought it was a deer so went out to investigate.

“When I went outside I heard this grunting, I couldn’t believe it. My husband, who was at work at the time, thought I’d set it all up because it was my birthday but if that had been the case then I would have chosen something like a pony.

“She has been living in our old chicken pen but she has doubled in size and desperately needs more space.

“I can’t bare the thought of her being crammed in the pen any longer.”

Posey is a real-life Babe - who goes for walks with the two dogs and also answers commands.

“I firmly believe she thinks that she is a dog,” admitted Hollie, whose daughter Flora, 2, also helps look after her.

“We’ve been walking her with our dogs every day and she absolutely loves it.

“People think we are mad walking a pig and I’ve been posting videos on my Instagram page.

“She plays like our dogs, she makes her bed before she gets in it and always poos in the same spot.

“I didn’t realise how kind and sweet pigs were until she arrived. She’s the biggest member of our family but she’s a lot more intelligent than our dogs.”

The couple have set themselves a target of £2,500 but it wouldn’t just be Posey who benefits from the extra space.

The family also look after a flock of retired ewes, who reside in a field at nearby Boughton, and recently rescued three battery hens from a farm at Wisbech.

“The three battery hens we took in had never been outside before,” said Hollie.

“There were 1,500 hens which were sent to slaughter that day unless they were rehomed.

“Until the stock fencing is up, it’s not safe for any of the animals, so we are desperately looking for donations.”

Hollie hasn’t ruled out further additions at their home of Rose Cottage.

She said: “If we can get the fencing done around the two fields, then we will have the space for Posy to have a piggy friend and we can also move the ewes here.

“We would like to work with farmers in Norfolk who are happy to retire their animals to us once they’ve done their duty to farming, rather than send them straight to slaughter.

Anyone who would like to donate, should visit: