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Downham Market man threatened people with traffic cone, spat at police officers and smeared faeces on custody walls

A drunken man put a traffic cone on his head and threw it at a car – before spitting in two police officers’ faces and writing swear words with his faeces on prison cell walls.

Patrick Richmond, 36, of Beech Road, Downham, appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday where he pleaded guilty to six offences.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of causing criminal damage, three counts of assaulting a police officer, and one of being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Patrick Richmond appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday
Patrick Richmond appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday

The court was told that one of the police officers described the assault that Richmond carried out on him as the worst he had experienced as an officer.

Prosecutor Lesla Small said that the incident began at around 1.30pm on Wednesday, August 16, when a member of the public reported shouting coming from near the Live and Let Live pub in Downham, where Richmond was previously drinking.

Richmond was seen outside the pub swinging a traffic cone in his hand while making threats to customers.

One customer was heard saying to Richmond: “Get away from me, I’m six months pregnant.”

Police were called to the scene and Richmond launched the traffic cone over a fence which landed on a red Peugeot, causing numerous dents to the vehicle.

Richmond then fled the scene and headed towards the town centre. He was found outside the Whalebone pub.

“As soon as he saw the police vehicle, he stuck his middle fingers up at them,” said Ms Small.

Officers could smell alcohol on him and noted that he was being verbally abusive.

They arrested Richmond for being drunk and disorderly, which sparked more aggression from him.

He spat in the face of one officer, with Richmond’s saliva covering their glasses, mouth and eyes.

Richmond was taken to the ground and then spat again at the other officer, who also covered his mouth and eyes.

Richmond told them that he had hepatitis and both officers were taken to hospital for extra checks.

He was taken into police custody, where he smeared his own faeces on the wall, writing “c**t” on the wall as well as a swastika symbol.

Ms Small added: “He said in his police interview that faeces from the previous occupant were on the toilet, so he used the floor as a toilet instead.

“He also said ‘I should have used the word c**t, because they were all c**ts and I was being ignored’.

“He said he offered to clean it up and was embarrassed by his actions and said that he was arrested violently.”

Statements were read out in court from the two police officers who were assaulted.

One read: “I have been an officer for four years, in this time I have been assaulted numerous times.

“This was the first time someone has spat in my face, it was worse than any assault I’ve experienced. It was degrading and I felt absolutely disgusting.

“There is no excuse for what he did. When he claimed he had hepatitis I felt sick.”

In mitigation, Andrew Cogan described Richmond as “not mentally well” and said that he is a schizophrenic.

“Most people in court are either mad, bad or sad. And it is safe to say this man is not mentally well,” said Mr Cogan.

“He is not medicated for schizophrenia, it goes to explain his reaction. He accepts he spat at the officers.”

The solicitor added: “I’ve known incidents where people have made observations in custody that tea, coffee, water and other supplies haven’t been provided.

“That does make some kind of sense in this case.”

Mr Cogan described Richmond’s behaviour as “out of character”.

A pre-sentence report will be carried out before Richmond is sentenced, and he will return to court on October 12 to be sentenced.

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