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Massive solar storm to hit Earth today, could cause powercuts, and disruption to satellites

A huge geomagnetic storm has come into contact to Earth today, and could cause disruption to phone signals and satellites.

The Met office has issued a Geometric storm warning for today, that will last until 9am tomorrow.

The Met office said: "A Coronal Mass Ejection is expected to arrive at Earth, with minor to moderate geomagnetic storms likely, resulting in enhanced auroral activity during October 11.

Geometric storm October 2021 Source: Met Office (52133985)
Geometric storm October 2021 Source: Met Office (52133985)

"Minor storms may continue into October 12, before a fast wind from a coronal hole may arrive, perhaps continuing the rather active period of geomagnetic activity."

Aurora sightings may be possible in some parts of the UK.

The storms carry a level of radiation, but they are not dangerous to humans.

According to earthsky.org "Solar storms aren’t dangerous to humans on Earth’s surface.

"These storms are awesome to contemplate, but they cannot harm our human bodies as long as we remain on the surface of Earth, where we’re protected by Earth’s blanket of atmosphere."

However, the storms can be dangerous to our technology.

They can cause disruption to phones and satellites, because of a disturbance in the Earth's magnetic field.

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