Meeting will demonstrate new ‘cop-cam’

The cameras will be rolled out across the force
The cameras will be rolled out across the force

There is to be a first public demonstration of the new body-worn cameras for police in Norfolk at a meeting in West Norfolk on Monday.

It will be seen at a regular police accountability forum held in the committee suite at the West Norfolk Council offices in Chapel Street, Lynn.

Both Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Lorne Green and the Chief Constable Simon Bailey will be at the forum (which starts at 5pm)and the public is welcome to attend too.

This will be followed at 7pm by a more general public meeting where people have the opportunity to question the PCC and Chief Constable.

During the evening there will be the first public demonstration of new body-worn cameras which will be introduced to Norfolk Constabulary for the first time this spring.

Mr Green said: “This will be the third time we have taken our meetings ‘on the road’ and we have had excellent turnouts in both Dereham and Great Yarmouth, with an impressive variety of questions put to the Chief Constable and me on issues which clearly matter to people.

“This time there will also be a chance to see the force’s 
new body-worn cameras in action as well as get an update on policing in the west of the county, so please come and join us.”

The announcement that Norfolk Constabulary is to get body-worn cameras was made by the PCC in October.

Mr Green said. “Our police must have the modern technology they need to fight the crime types affecting Norfolk today.

“This is an important investment in our police.”

As well as supporting officers working in challenging situations, the PCC said the introduction of body worn video also offers benefits for the public.

He said: “The cameras will provide greater safety for officers, improve transparency over our officers’ interactions with the public, providing community reassurance and building confidence.

“If they’ve been caught on camera, it is more likely perpetrators will take responsibility for their actions.

“Use of body worn video has also been shown to speed up justice for victims of crime and reduce complaints.”