Memory Lane schooldays pictures from the Lynn News archives

Downham Hillcrest School pupils pictured in 1984
Downham Hillcrest School pupils pictured in 1984
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Pictured here, in April 1984, are the third and fourth year juniors at Downham’s Hillcrest School.

In this section of the school there were 52 children aged between nine and 11 who were taught by Mrs Judith Jenkins and Mr David Turner; their headmistress was Miss Betty Lunn.

Being the oldest pupils at Hillcrest they were preparing to move on to Downham High School – which was just next door.

A special event was always saved for the third and fourth years, the annual summer camp at Whitwell Hall near Norwich where there were many outdoor activities to enjoy.

Photo: MLNF 841278. Copies of this photograph can be purchased online by going to the Buy A Photo link above.