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Men in King’s Lynn driving theory pass-rate is lowest in country

L plate (learner, driving test)
L plate (learner, driving test)

Men from Lynn have the worst driving theory test pass rate in the UK, according to a new study.

The research, carried out by Kenway Miller Solicitors who specialise in defending motoring offences, found their pass rate of 41.5 per cent is the lowest in the country.

Women in the town are seven per cent more likely to pass their test with a rate of 48.3 per cent, but they still fall short of the 49.42 per cent national average.

These results place Lynn as the ninth worst place to take a theory test, with a combined pass rate of just 44.7 per cent.

Director at Kenway Miller Solicitors, Matthew Miller said: “It seems the learners of King’s Lynn need to work harder when it comes to passing theory tests.

“Learning stopping distances, road signs and identifying hazards is so important in preventing accidents and keeping roads safe.”

On average, practical tests are passed 46.1 per cent of the time, just 0.7 per cent below national average.

Lynn News readers have been sharing their thoughts on Kenway Miller Solicitors’ research on social media, with some saying they feel sorry for today’s learner drivers.

Andrew Watts said: “I feel sorry for the students, it is not an exam it is a dodge the potholes.”

Chris Bayley said: “I missed my first test due to poor directions from my instructor, failed my second on hazard perception by four points and passed the third easily.

“This statistic is pretty useless and uninformative, every one with a license still passed, if anything, multiple tests taken is an advantage. I had to revise more and had it drilled into my brain that little bit more than a first time passer.

“And besides, none of it has any effect on how you choose to drive once you’ve passed. The roads are full of incompetent drivers, and a percentage of them would have passed first time and vice versa. The roads are slightly less full of considerate, careful drivers, some of which may have taken any number of exams before they passed.”

Nick Fitzgerald says he passed his test in Lynn on Christmas Eve in 1991. He said: “Queen Street and Norfolk Street were still two-way and you could also drive down Tower Street back then. That was fun.”

George Salt said: “I’m guessing that right of way on roundabouts was one of the more frequently failed sections in Lynn.”

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