Mintlyn crematorium parking project delayed to enable bigger capacity increase

GV of Mintlyn Crematorium King's Lynn
GV of Mintlyn Crematorium King's Lynn

Work to provide extra parking at the Mintlyn Crematorium, on the edge of Lynn, has been delayed so that even more capacity can be created.

Proposals to provide around 20 new spaces at the site were first outlined by council leaders in February.

But new documents have revealed the project has been put on hold to enable even greater expansion than was originally planned.

Details of the work have been outlined in a report by cabinet member Kathy Mellish, which has been published ahead of this Thursday’s scheduled West Norfolk Council meeting.

Mrs Mellish, the authority’s portfolio holder for facilities and ICT, said a planning application had been due to be submitted around the time of last month’s meeting.

But she continued: “Since then there has been a revision and we are now hoping for 40/50 spaces.

“Although this causes a delay, it is better to slip this slightly than to start work and then have to resubmit plans, thus prolonging the project and having two rather than one stage of work, but achieve a better final outcome.”

The crematorium currently offers 76 formal parking spaces, plus around a dozen more informal areas that drivers can access.

But officials say extra capacity is necessary to avoid vehicles being parked on the grass verges alongside the B1145, which runs past the site from Lynn towards Gayton, when there is a larger gathering of people attending a service.

The crematorium is also hosting an open day this Saturday, July 29, between 11am and 3pm.