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Liz Truss releases survey results of South West Norfolk constituents as she presses ahead with single-sex spaces bill

More than 90% of Liz Truss’ constituents who responded to a recent survey believe it is “very important” that her plans to protect single-sex spaces for women are realised.

The South West Norfolk MP put forward her Health and Equality Acts (Amendment) Bill late last year in a bid to bring in three significant changes to the law.

She hopes this will protect women’s rights to single-sex spaces, prevent formal state recognition of social transitioning by people aged under 18, and ensure that under-18s cannot undergo body-altering hormone therapies.

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss
South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss

Now, the former Prime Minister has released the results of a survey on the bill carried out by those living in her constituency, with 479 people responding.

83.08% said they back the proposals, while 13.36% said they do not. The remaining 3.55% said they are unsure.

Those who answered yes were then asked three following questions, asking how important they feel certain aspects of the bill are.

The results were as follows:

- Protecting single-sex spaces for women and girls like toilets, hospital wards and prisons:

Very important: 94.22%

Important: 4.27%

Not important: 0%

No answer/missing: 1.51%

- Banning the formal recognition of social transitioning in schools and by the state for under-18s:

Very important: 83.92%

Important: 9.55%

Not important: 3.77%

No answer/missing: 2.77%

- Banning the prescription of irreversible puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to treat gender dysphoria in under-18s:

Very important: 89.45%

Important: 4.27%

Not important: 2.77%

No answer/missing: 3.52%

The Second Reading of Ms Truss’ Health and Equality Acts (Amendment) Bill will take place this Friday.

She previously said it was following conversations with concerned mothers of young girls in South West Norfolk that inspired her to introduce the legislation, which she says will:

- Ensure that single-sex spaces – like school toilets – and sports are sacrosanct for girls and women by changing the law to define ‘sex’ as ‘biological sex’

- Ban the prescription of body-altering hormones to children questioning their sex, both privately and on the NHS

- Prevent anyone in an official capacity from claiming that a child is the opposite sex

Ms Truss said: "The results of this survey go to show that residents in South West Norfolk strongly back the measures in my Bill to protect children and single-sex spaces.

"It is clear that activist groups are already seeking to undermine Whitehall-issued guidance on these issues – which is why a change in the law is required.

"Ahead of Friday's debate, I hope that people will write to their MP and encourage them to back the Bill."

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