‘Mr and Mrs Nordelph’ mark 65th anniversary

Mary and John Giles from Nordelph who are celebrating 65 years marriage (Blue Sapphire) ANL-160710-135854009
Mary and John Giles from Nordelph who are celebrating 65 years marriage (Blue Sapphire) ANL-160710-135854009

If anyone were to ever doubt true love’s existence, they could just take one look at the marriage of Mary and John Giles and change their minds.

The couple, nicknamed “Mr and Mrs Nordelph” due to their strong links to the village, celebrated their 65th ‘Blue Sapphire’ wedding anniversary last Thursday with a lunch out together.

Mr and Mrs Giles received many warm wishes from friends and family, and one rather special congratulations in the form of a personalised card from the Queen.

The pair, who are now in their 80s, were 20 when they were married at Nordelph Wesleyan Chapel in October 1951.

Life for the newlyweds was a freshly decorated home in the village High Street, with their week’s honeymoon 
settling in and enjoying excursions, such as a day in Hunstanton.

After serving an apprenticeship at a garage in Outwell, John became a car mechanic for Jim Russell, the Downham racing driver who won many Formula Two and Three races, he continued working as a car mechanic until the 1970’s when he switched to being a salesman for car paints and equipment.

Mary’s first job was at the village bakery and there is family pride for her Nordelph Coronation Queen title.

After the birth of son Richard, there were several happy summers strawberry picking on local farms.

The couple have had two further homes – they built a bungalow in Silt Road in the 60s and in the 70s built The Chalet, further along the same road, where they still live.

In the 80s and 90s Mary helped at several village charity events and enjoyed her time as a waitress for the “murder mystery” evenings at the chapel.

Over the years, the pair have also enjoyed many trips to Germany, where Richard and his family live.

Richard said of his parents: “I think they would claim that in a marriage it’s important that each partner has their own tasks and responsibilities, and that they can rely on each other.

“They were very pleased to receive phone calls from ‘long-lost’ relatives and work mates. On Saturday they spent a wonderful day at Hunstanton with their granddaughter Danica (my daughter) and her husband Fabian.”

He added that his father is a regular at Methwold market and loves meeting with his friends there.

Five years ago, the Lynn News reported the diamond anniversary of “Mr and Mrs Nordelph”, which they celebrated with a party with family and friends at the pair’s home.

At the time, it was said that Mary enjoyed playing indoor bowls, while her husband loved repairing veteran cars, and still had a Vauxhall Firenza and tractors.