Museum interest in rare medieval gold ring

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A rare medieval gold ring has been found in South Creake.

The gold ring was discovered by Luke Davies in February this year could be bound for Norwich Castle Museum after being declared as treasure by Norfolk Coroner Jacqueline Lake on Monday last week.

Dating between the 14th and 15th centuries, the ring is one of few examples depicting the battle of St George and the dragon.

A medieval coin hoard has also been found at Burnham Market.

Ten pennies, a half-penny and three farthings depicting Edward I along with three pennies showing Alexander 1 of Scotland, which could have been lost in the 1280s, were also found by Mr Davies on December 13. These items have also been declared as treasure.

A silver gilt coin pendant, which dates back to the 1560s, was discovered in Bagthorpe with Barmer by Shaun Hipkin in April last year.

Lynn Museum has expressed an interest in this item, which has been declared treasure.

The museum is also interested in a medieval copper alloy strap end with silver rivets which was found by Gary Crase on March 5 in North Pickeham.