Narborough homes plan backed, despite parish council fears

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Planning Applications
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Plans for a new housing scheme in a village near Swaffham have been backed by officials, despite concerns over the scale of current development.

Community leaders in Narborough claim the site of a proposal to build 10 new homes off Swaffham Road is not sustainable.

But members of Breckland Council’s planning committee are being encouraged to approve the scheme when they meet on Monday.

Their report said: “The proposal would contribute modestly to the overall housing land supply within the district, providing short term construction jobs within the locality and numerous community benefits.

“Furthermore, the addition of the ten dwellings would provide economic benefits to the service centre of Narborough, generating additional revenue for local shops.”

Although 13 letters of support were submitted to the authority, the parish council has opposed the scheme.

They said: “The proposed site is outside the village envelope. The site is not identified as suitable for development in the shortly to be published Breckland Local Plan.

“We do not think the site sustainable. We already have a total of 77 new dwellings with planning approval in the village and a preferred site identified in the Local Plan which will, when developed, allow the building of about 40 additional dwellings.”

But planners said: “The site is not considered isolated in its location or disconnected from the service centre of Narborough and would be viewed within a surrounding built-up context.

“Whilst the detail submitted with the scheme is indicative, the existing vegetative buffer and woodland to the south have been maintained.”