New housing scheme revealed for Swaffham garage site

General view of Spinners Lane garage site Swaffham ANL-150817-184532009
General view of Spinners Lane garage site Swaffham ANL-150817-184532009
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Preliminary proposals for an affordable housing development on the site of a Swaffham garage have been revealed.

But, although the idea has been welcomed by community leaders, a town councillor has called for the Skipper Lane site’s history to be looked at if the scheme is approved.

Applicant Phillip Wattam has submitted outline plans to Breckland Council for eight starter homes to be built on the site.

Documents submitted to the district authority on Mr Wattam’s behalf said: “The proposed use is for eightaffordable homes - probably for younger people.”

Two blocks of four properties are currently proposed for the site.

The paper acknowledged that access to the site may need to be improved, but suggested that the road itself would be able to accommodate any additional traffic that the development may generate.

Debating the scheme at last Wednesday’s town council meeting, deputy mayor Paul Darby said the application was intended to establish whether the principle of development was acceptable.

Members indicated they had no objection to the proposal.

But Les Scott said he understood the site had once been the home of a cavalry block.

He added: “I think that should be noted. If they are approved, the history should be looked at.”

Aformal response sent to the district council by clerk Richard Bishop after the meeting said any historically significant material found at the site should be given to the Swaffham Museum.