New talks set to examine Swaffham flooding problems

GV's of the Longfields in Swaffham ANL-160118-074411009
GV's of the Longfields in Swaffham ANL-160118-074411009
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New talks look set to take place in Swaffham in the spring in response to concerns raised about recent flooding in the town.

Homes in the Longfields area were affected twice in just a few days during heavy rainfall earlier this month.

And officials at the Nicholas Hamond Academy closed the school early on one afternoon because of flooding problems on nearby roads and in surrounding villages.

During last Wednesday’s town council meeting, clerk Richard Bishop said he felt there was a need for all parties to meet following those events and a recent burst water main in North Pickenham Road.

He said he expected a meeting would take place in early to mid-March.

But resident Mike Flynn said the deluges had turned Norwich Road into a “lake.”

He described it as an “absolute disgrace”, adding: “That is a major inlet into Swaffham.”

Another resident questioned whether anyone was taking responsibility for protecting the town from flooding.

She said two tankers had removed almost 50,000 litres of water alone after one of the flooding incidents and insisted water company bosses should take a more active role in discussions of future development.

She asked: “Why aren’t Anglian Water consulted on new builds? Surely they should be asked.”

Town and district councillor Shirley Matthews said she believed moves were now being made to address that issue.

And she agreed that authorities like Anglian Water and the county council should work more closely to address issues, saying they should “fight” any signs that bodies weren’t talking to each other.

Mr Bishop said: “Maybe that’s our role. We have to forward the information on.”