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Nimbyism is not acceptable in West Norfolk

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From the local residents screaming out about overcrowding and lack of facilities if a housing applicant is presented, through to our unashamed export of waste to other countries for someone else to dispose of.

The latest is the outcry regarding an incinerator on the border between Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

The story is currently one of claim and counter claim, with both the borough council and the plant developers MVV Environmental denying anything has ever been spoken about – ever. Currently, most of our waste is sent to Bedfordshire, and that contract runs until 2027.

Sarah Juggins. (50320676)
Sarah Juggins. (50320676)

The fear from those who are raising their voices – mainly the King’s Lynn Without Incineration (KLWIN) group – is that emissions might blow back in a prevailing wind.

I might be missing something here, but aren’t these our emissions anyway?

Why do we want our emissions to be sent further away – at an even greater cost to the environment – so they can blow over someone else? Where is the human spirit in that?

A long term, much harder to achieve, but infinitely better option is to significantly reduce our waste.

The blue building is what the proposed incinerator will look like alongside the existing cold store. (50200149)
The blue building is what the proposed incinerator will look like alongside the existing cold store. (50200149)

Cut out our use of plastics, reduce the waste food that we so casually throw away, use packaging that can be composted, repair and reuse goods rather than simply discard and buy new things.

I think the most potent way of persuading ourselves of the necessity of cutting down on the detritus that we produce, is if it is there, right in our faces as a constant reminder that we, through our wasteful and negligent behaviours – are the cause of the state of the planet.

If that means the dust and smoke from our rubbish blowing back in our faces, then so be it. I don’t for one second believe that we can continue down the path of simply exporting our rubbish and waste for some else to deal with.

Washed Up appears every Tuesday in the Lynn News and is written by Sarah Juggins

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