No change to West Norfolk grass cutting work unless communities do it themselves, says council

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Communities in West Norfolk will be given the chance to take responsibility for their own grass cutting work under new proposals.

Council officials have been severely criticised this year over the condition of many grassed areas which have become overgrown following reductions to the service.

Although a review has been undertaken in response to the criticism, no major changes are being proposed to the service.

But, in a report to tonight’s borough council meeting, cabinet member Elizabeth Nockolds wrote: “Parish Councils will be informed and will be given the choice of remaining with our teams or taking control of the grass cutting.”

Several parish authorities around the borough are already considering taking on the work themselves.

The moves appear to be part of a growing trend which last week saw Swaffham town council signal its wish to take over the management of the town’s car parks from Breckland Council.

Under the current cuts regime, grass in high profile parks and gardens is cut 18 times, around once a fortnight during the main cutting season from March to October.

Twelve cuts are carried out in built-up areas and at road junctions, while six are carried out in road areas where it does not immediately affect motorists’ vision and land adjacent to property frontages.

Mrs Nockolds said: “After consultation with the Environment & Community Panel, members and parish councils the grass cutting regime will continue to be on a rota of six and 12 times, but, at the same time, giving the Grounds Maintenance team leader more flexibility within their areas.”