‘No plans’ to step up armed police patrols in Norfolk following international attacks

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As it has been announced that the presence of armed police is to be stepped up in neighbouring counties after the international events of this week, a spokesman for Norfolk Police said the force does not currently have similar plans.

Lincolnshire Police revealed this morning that busy and crowded places in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and in Lincolnshire will be patrolled by firearms officers until early January.

A spokesman for the Lincolnshire force said the assessment of the threat from international terrorism has not changed and remains classified as “severe”, and there is no specific information or intelligence which suggests an attack in the United Kingdom is imminent.

They went on to state: “However, the incidents of terrorism/suspected terrorism in Berlin and in Turkey in the last few days have served to remind everyone of the ongoing threat, and makes it proportionate and appropriate for the four forces to raise the profile of armed protective/preventative patrols over the holiday period.”

People are asked to remain vigilant during the holiday period and to report anything they believe to be suspicious to police, if necessary, and in an emergency by calling 999.