Noise issues result in hotel stay for retiree from Stow Bridge

John Evans who has had issues with Freebridge regarding noise problems
John Evans who has had issues with Freebridge regarding noise problems

A man who says noise from a neighbouring property has been so bad that it drove him to spending a night in a hotel to escape it has voiced his frustrations.

John Evans, 66, of Stow Bridge, said that since the beginning of February, he has tried several ways of combatting the sound of an extractor fan in a bungalow next door, but has had little success.

Mr Evans, of Bardolph Place, said he has tried sleeping tablets and ear plugs in attempts to reduce the effect of the noise, but in one way or another, it has been to no avail.

He said: “It has been causing a lot of problems. I woke up one morning at 7am and the noise was so loud that I couldn’t hear my radio, despite it being right next to me.”

He believes the fan has been installed incorrectly, which has resulted in the noise issues.

Freebridge Community Housing officers have recently visited the property in question, he claims, but little has changed since.

He said: “I have put a lot of time and money into this place as my retirement retreat – but if the noise keeps up I’m going to have to move out and give up all that.”

Mr Evans said that when he moved into his home six years ago, the bungalows were priority homes for people who were over 60 or disabled, but since then, this has changed.

He said he takes issue with this as there are “people looking for housing who could put them to good use”.

He also claims that police were called out to his home after he told Freebridge he believed there to be safety concerns at the neighbouring property, which he was prepared to get involved with.

“The officers were brilliant but they came over at 11.45pm to deal with a civil matter.”

Freebridge director of housing Robert Clarke said: “We are aware of the issues raised by Mr Evans and as a result have been working very closely with him.

“Following an inspection last month we have now scheduled work on the extractor fan which we hope will resolve the situation.”