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Noisy jets wake people in their beds in King's Lynn

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People in West Norfolk have not taken the noise generated by American air force F-15 jets flying over the area lying down.

Residents had been pre-warned that the 48th Fighter Wing based at RAF Lakenheath would be very active during the day this week.

People in Lynn would have woken at about 7.30 this morning to hear the jets roaring above their heads.

jets from the 494th Fighter Squadron carry out a missing man formation (40338629)
jets from the 494th Fighter Squadron carry out a missing man formation (40338629)

A pensioner from South Wootton contacted the Lynn News to say: "You can't hear yourself think! They said they were not doing low flying but they were right over the hospital. It's not on.

"Yesterday (Tuesday) it was all day. It is insensitive over the hospital area. I have complained."

The 'surge exercise' is due to come to a close tomorrow. There is no night flying involved.

RAF Lakenheath sign. (40338672)
RAF Lakenheath sign. (40338672)

One comment in response to a Lynn News facebook post said: "Am cheesed off with the early morning wake up calls as if sleep hasn’t been bad enough in this heat, and the fact I suffer with a problematic sleeping condition, being woken by these is horrific! I totally get that it needs to happen but a bit of local warning would be nice!"

Another post said: "It was noisy over Snettisham yesterday, but apparently they have been flying out a lot more from the bases. As long as they stay safe in the air that’s fine but they have lost one pilot recently."

Deb Barber told the Lynn News: "Yes, I work for a pharmaceutical company in Lynn which manufactures inhalers and medical devices. I'm working nightshift this week and I've been woken and kept awake by these jets on their exercises this week.

"Not good. Yes, they provide a service for the public's safety and welfare... but so do I."

Another frustrated resident, Carol Massey, said: "I was walking my dog on Tuesday evening and the jet noise was so horrific that I nearly cried. There are so many elderly people here suffering, and their dogs. I sent two separate emails asking for respite and for the next hour it worsened. There is no compassion."

But many have said they enjoy hearing the sounds of the aircraft and believe the squadron involved should be respected for their efforts.

Steph Ford posted: "I think they are loud but I can't say it bothers me, I still look at them to see what they are doing and love it sometimes."

Daniel Campbell commented: "Why find little things to complain about when there’s a lot more going on the noise of planes! They also recently lost a pilot through a routine accident. Have some respect!"

On similar lines, Caroline Soloman said: "They are part of our everyday life, and always have been. When you live here, you respect them and all they do. Dont like it, move away. Would miss them if they weren't around."

Stow Bridge resident John Evans told the Lynn News: "I love the sound of afterburners in the morning. It's the sound of freedom!

"Where I live in Stow Bridge is right under an area the F-15s use for ACM (dogfighting if you like). They started pretty early today and we've just had another two blasting round overhead, it's a fantastic sight and sound experience. Last week they had AH-64 Apache gunships flying low level over here. Considering the current state of the RAF I'm just very glad that we still have this USAF commitment to the defence of the region because otherwise we'd be wide open."

Stown Bridge resident John Evans is an aircraft enthusiast who enjoys the sounds of jets over the skies of West Norfolk. Picture: SUBMITTED
Stown Bridge resident John Evans is an aircraft enthusiast who enjoys the sounds of jets over the skies of West Norfolk. Picture: SUBMITTED

An exasperated John Parsons said: "I am annoyed by the Lynn News constantly harping on about this. It is a fact of life in West Norfolk.

"This is no more than I have to put up with yapping dogs and revving cars every day of the year."

The 494th Fighter Squadron (F-15E Strike Eagle) is the one involved in the exercise.

A spokesman for the USAF said: "I can tell you that we have received complaints from concerned citizens. As part of our agreement with the United Kingdom, all flying complaints are addressed by the Ministry of Defence.

"We collect as much information as possible from the community member, pass their message along to our MOD partners and cooperate fully with any investigations they deem appropriate.

"We recognize how our training program can affect our neighbors in the local community. It’s important to remember that this training is being conducted to safeguard the collective defense of United States, the United Kingdom and our shared NATO allies."

Have you been annoyed by the air force jets? Contact us on newsdesk@lynnnews.co.uk

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