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Norfolk Chamber of Commerce advises five top tips for a successful business

By Lynn News Reporter

Last month I wrote about four important steps on the journey to success. I’ve had several conversations as a result of that column, most of them focussing on what’s needed to actually implement a chosen strategy.

It’s something that warrants further thought and I have applied myself to it. After another period of reflection I came up with five things that I think make for a successful business.

Chris Sargisson CEO Norfolk Chamber (4307740)
Chris Sargisson CEO Norfolk Chamber (4307740)

Firstly build the right working culture. Google’s offices may have slides and Prosecco bars. It doesn’t mean you have to do the same. The right culture is the one that shares the compelling values that your organisation will work towards. It has to be right for your business.

Secondly be creative. In my experience the leaders who motivate and empower their people to encourage creative thinking tend to build solutions and processes that result in faster problem solving and change. Creativity counts.

Thirdly, take risks. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk,” said Mr Zuckerberg of Facebook. His point is that the skill required is more around the understanding of how to mitigate the risks. Step into the unknown for sure, but mitigate the risks by keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Fourthly be customer centric. Your strategy must put your customers at the core of your business. It’s about more than offering great customer service; it’s about offering a great experience. Always. That means before, during and after any interaction.

And finally define your differentiator. Know why you are different. Let it define you, drive you, motivate you, market you and then sell you to the people who need you!

Did I check myself to see if we at the Chamber tried our best to uphold those five top tips? Of course I did. And we do.

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