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Norfolk Saffron of Burnham Norton sees exciting move into skin care products

Norfolk Saffron is working in collaboration with another county-based business which has developed a product from the Burnham Norton crocus crop believed to be a world first.

Sally Francis, founder of Norfolk Saffron, was last year approached by Jo Klassen of Nudge Boutique, of Norwich, who had been busy experimenting with saffron to produce skin care products.

Said Sally: "This is not as weird as it sounds because some countries do use saffron as a cosmetic, and have a long history of doing so.

"Jo has now made a lovely facial serum containing Norfolk Saffron. That in itself is highly novel, but even more innovative is that she’s also using our saffron flower petals in a face-mask.

Sally picking Norfolk Saffron threads from the flowers. (5300494)
Sally picking Norfolk Saffron threads from the flowers. (5300494)

"Normally the petals are a waste product for us – we just compost them - so it’s great they now have a commercial use.

"This is so inventive of Jo and we don’t think saffron petals are being used like this anywhere in the world."

Jo, who is a natural and organic skincare formulator became interested in saffron due to its anti oxidant qualities. She said: "Whe I started more extensive research, I was not aware that it was grown in the UK or that the UK's leading saffron grower was about an hour's drive from where I lived.

Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum (5300534)
Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum (5300534)

"I am very proud to work with Sally. Independent laboratory tests show that every year her extra strong saffron conforms to ISO 3632 category 1 and tops the international grade for saffron quality.

"Sally does not use fungicides, herbicides or pesticides on her plants and takes great care of her soil.

"Once Sally has removed the threads from the flowers, they are sent to us so that we can pick the fresh petals by petals by hand and prepare them for use in our cleansing clay mask.

With such a narrow window of opportunity to harvest the saffron, the small batches we produce will only add to the quality and freshness we can offer. "

The saffron is harvested during October and November and this year's crop is looking good, said Sally. "It's much better than last year's."

The first product which has been launched is Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum which helps to bring the glow back to dull skin. The second product is Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask.

Full details about these products and how to order them are available on Nudge Boutique's website: www.nudgeboutique.co.uk/saffronglow

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