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King's Lynn's Stephenson Smart accountant takes a step towards 'normality' in family life

We are facing reality.

After six months, around 200 days, several hundred sibling fights and the consumption of a truck load of Kit Kats during ‘challenging’ moments, the boys are going back to school.

Both have had growth spurts, so all the sparkly new clothes and school footwear we purchased just before lockdown don’t fit and we have to go through the procedure again. I call it a procedure because I’m sure many parents agree - it’s like pulling teeth.

Neil Gayton, accountant at Stephenson Smart (29112425)
Neil Gayton, accountant at Stephenson Smart (29112425)

The uniform I can cope with because there literally isn’t any choice, but why, oh why can’t it be the same for shoes.

I guarantee it will go something like this.

After we have recovered the ticket that indicates what number we are in the waiting line (because they both wanted to hold it and it looks suspiciously like it has been used as a tissue), the feet are measured.

One likes the look of certain shoes, but the shop hasn’t got them in the right size for him, although conveniently happens to have them for his brother, who is more interested in the trainers across the room, second shelf up to the right.

This isn’t fair because one will have the shoes that the other wanted and apparently he doesn’t even appreciate how lucky he is to have the option of wearing this amazing shoe.

Then after a bit of sulking its decided that the shoes weren’t that cool anyway and another shoe is selected.

I relax.

Until the one with the ‘cooler’ shoe decides he likes the new style that’s been chosen by the previously sulky child and then we are back to square one because they absolutely, cannot, ever, be matching.

I may be developing a nervous twitch just writing about this, but in reality, it’s a little step towards normality.

With the boys back in school I’ll be working more from our office in King Street.

So if you’re after an accountant to help with anything from succession planning and auditing to taxation, who has just shelled out a small fortune on school shoes that his children are refusing to wear, I’m your man.

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