North Runcton fire site ‘still too hot to analyse’

Fire at North Runcton waste timber yard. Photo: Rapid Relief Team
Fire at North Runcton waste timber yard. Photo: Rapid Relief Team

A waste timber site in a West Norfolk village that was hit by fire in January is still too hot to be properly analysed, more than six weeks after the blaze broke out.

The revelation follows the latest visit made by West Norfolk Council and Norfolk Fire Service officials to the Manor Farm site in North Runcton last week.

A statement released by the borough council on Friday said officials were still not in a position to properly analyse the scene of the blaze.

It said: “The ash pile is still smouldering in several places, and is still too hot to complete a detailed site walkover, or take samples of ash for analysis.

“Once the ash pile has reached a suitable temperature we will complete the detailed site walkover and take ash samples.

“It will take around three to four weeks to analyse the samples.

“We will then review the samples and complete the required contaminated land investigation.”

The council says it is still working with other bodies to monitor the site.

A fire broke out at the site on the afternoon of Saturday, January 21, and carried on burning for several weeks.

Around 40,000 cubic metres of waste timber were estimated to be involved in the blaze. At its height, more than 50 firefighters were at the scene.

Residents in the area were also warned to keep their doors and windows shut because of smoke pollution.