North Wootton owners warned after cat hurt

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Pet owners have been warned that cats may have been deliberately kicked or mistreated when out and about in the Woottons area.

In one instance a two-year-old cat limped back to his home in some distress at Christmas and the vets bill has run into hundreds of pounds.

Martin Koenigsberger with the family cat Kasper ANL-150701-081129009

Martin Koenigsberger with the family cat Kasper ANL-150701-081129009

Martin Koenigsberger, of Blackthorn, North Wootton, said: “The vet told us the injuries had all the symptoms of being caused by our cat being kicked or pushed and pulled about.

“He was limping badly, swollen and bruised, and in a great deal of distress.

“Because this happened over Christmas we had to take him to an out-of-hours vet at Hunstanton for treatment and although he is insured, we’ve had to pay out several hundred pounds up front.

“Kasper is now back home, but still on painkillers and antibiotics. Another cat owner I was talking to said their cat had also been hurt in a similar way.”

Mr Koenigsberger decided to send out a neighbourhood alert note to homes on his estate and had a report of a third cat being injured.

Mr Koenigsberger wrote: “In recent weeks several cats in our neighbourhood have experienced injuries which, unfortunately, have lead us to the assumption that they have been mistreated, i.e. kicked or otherwise deliberately injured. Not only has this cost the owners several hundreds of pounds in vet bills so far, but the cats are injured and in a lot of pain.

“Please help us put an end to this, keep an eye out and contact me if you see anything worth reporting (according the Animal Welfare Act 2006, cruelty to animals is a criminal offence).”

Mr Koenigsberger can be contacted on 01553 670118.