OBESITY SPECIAL REPORT: Dersingham’s Nicole was inspired by pictures

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Image for Lynn News
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Following the publication of new figures which show that 70 per cent of people in West Norfolk are either overweight or obese, people who have been fighting their own battle with the scales have shared their stories.

Nicole Russell, from Dersingham, has lost five and a half stone since she first went to the Springwood Slimming World group back in June 2012.
She revealed that, at the time, she weighed 18 stone, four pounds and said that seeing pictures of herself had been the trigger for her to do something about her weight.

Image for Lynn News

Image for Lynn News

She said: “I just felt really unhealthy. I looked back at some pictures and thought, ‘I really need to do something.’”
And she said being part of the group had been particularly helpful to her as she lost the weight.

She added: “They just encourage me each week and if you’re having a bad week they don’t ever look down at you.”
Nicole said that she has to be careful what she eats, particularly when she goes out, and believes that more should be done to promote healthier options, in shops, in order to provide alternatives to the traditional fast food favourites.
She also feels it is vital to get the importance of living a healthy lifestyle across to school children, adding: “It’s about educating kids from a young age.”