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Hare coursing
Hare coursing
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In the next few columns, I will be introducing you to the different departments that we have in King’s Lynn, explaining a bit about what they do and the different agencies that they work with.

West Norfolk has a dedicated Operational Partnership Team (OPT) which enables joint working between partners to resolve anti-social behaviour (ASB) affecting the most vulnerable people in our communities, as well as anti-social behaviour issues.

They also support the local Safer Neighbourhood Team to help tackle problems effectively through early direct intervention. The key partners that have representatives within the OPT are police, the borough council, housing associations as well as other agencies.

The team works very closely with the Community Safety and Noise Nuisance Team at KLWNBC.

Working in partnership, they address issues of ASB by collecting evidence and sharing information to create positive outcomes such as Public Space Protection Orders, Criminal Behaviour Orders, Injunctions, Community Protection Notices and Closure Orders.

The OPT works in partnership with many different housing agencies to address issues of ASB by facilitating positive outcomes such as mediation, evictions, injunctions and closure orders.

We work together to support vulnerable tenants by making social care referrals where necessary.

We make appropriate referrals to mental health services and conduct visits with Adult Services to help support those suffering with mental health where their behaviour impacts on the wider community.

We share information with Children’s Services and work with families to provide early help and support to families with needs.

We link in with the Purfleet Trust and make referrals to support those who are rough sleeping or need extra support, and we work alongside Norfolk Recovery Partnership to place positive requirements on orders for individuals to seek support for their addictions.

Last year, the OPT successfully secured nine Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBOs).

One success story was gaining a two year CBO for a man who had been involved in hare coursing, with conditions for the male not to be on farmland in Norfolk without the permission of the land owner or in possession of a lurcher-type dog during the hunting season.

Costs and fines were also imposed, totalling close to £1,600.

Another success was a ‘Positive Pathways’ scheme running alongside Ormiston Families, an organisation supporting families in Norfolk.

A repeat domestic violence perpetrator attended Ormiston’s course, while officers and probation worked together to monitor his compliance and provide support to his partner and children.

This has resulted in no further domestic incidents being reported showing the power of partnership working and what our OPT does so well.