On The Beat with Supt Dennis Lacey

Supt Dennis Lacey ANL-140321-093941001
Supt Dennis Lacey ANL-140321-093941001
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This month the district is in good shape for crime and disorder and anti-social behaviour is also continuing to show year on year reductions. We would, however, urge anyone who continues to have such issues to call us.

Unfortunately, lead thefts remain ongoing with churches in the district being key targets.

A vehicle containing stolen metals has been recovered and further enquiries will help us to move forward in the metal theft scene.

Our key message is to call us with any suspicious activity around your village churches, day or night, although the hours of darkness appear to be when the main offending takes place.

I also want to highlight our safety messages for young people around their use of the internet and social media.

We want to encourage parents to discuss internet/social media safety with their children.

Officers continue to work across the district to deliver this education message through schools and educational providers and we ask that parents reinforce this issue.

This includes being wary of chatting to unknown people, but also those known to them, such as school contacts who ask for indecent images to be sent via mobile phones.

These pictures can get distributed widely and are difficult to remove often causing much embarrassment and further issues.

It is also easy for young people to engage in inappropriate texting/social media chat which could cross the line into criminal offences.

Meanwhile in town, officers continue to investigate a robbery which took place last Saturday in Hardings Way.

The 27-year-old female victim was robbed by a man as she walked towards Friars Fleet.

Unusually, for this type of crime, having fled the scene the robber returned a short time later only to hand her purse back.

Despite the purse being returned, cash was missing and with the victim also having been assaulted, we are still keen to hear from anyone who may have been travelling in this area in the early hours of Saturday and saw a man acting suspiciously.

Earlier in the month, officers charged an 18-year-old man with attempted burglary following an incident in Margaret Rose Close on Monday 3 November.

He is due to be sentenced on Wednesday, December 10.

Three other youths were also arrested in connection with burglaries in the Lynn and Woottons areas and have been bailed while enquiries continue.

Despite these successes we would urge householders to continue to be on their guard and get into the habit of checking doors and windows are locked when leaving the house and before going to bed at night.

Criminals will take advantage of any opportunity and we know burglars will try handles of homes until they find one which opens.

The best way to prevent this is to check doors are locked before leaving the house or going to bed.

Some of the incidents have happened overnight so I would urge residents to take measures to help protect their homes including using automatic timers on lights or leaving the radio on; giving a would-be thief the impression that someone is at home.

We need residents to help police in this fight against crime by being our extra “eyes and ears” on the ground and reporting suspicious activity.

Residents know their communities better than anyone else so if you see something or someone looks out of place then please call us.

We can quickly dispatch officers to the scene and the sooner we are called, the greater chance we have of detaining a suspect.

This week has also seen the Constabulary supporting the first national Counter Terrorism Awareness Week which was launched on Monday.

The campaign is designed to encourage people to be vigilant and tell them about the simple measures they can take to make it harder for terrorists.

It saw a focus on five key areas including; crowded places, transport hubs, preventing violent extremism, terrorist financing and the tools that terrorists need to operate.

We can only combat the threat from terrorism effectively if law enforcement, businesses, Government and the general public work together.

There’s no intelligence to suggest we are currently under any specific threat; however, officers have been working with local businesses, authorities and our local transport hubs this week to raise awareness and provide information.

The message is simple: Be vigilant, if you suspect it, report it.

Nobody is better placed to detect something that is out of place in their communities than the people living in them. We don’t want to scare people but we do want them to understand the threat, be alert and report anything suspicious to police.