Online survey launched to boost Swaffham swimming pool campaign

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Campaigners leading the fight for a swimming pool in Swaffham have launched an online survey to gauge public opinion as they develop the scheme.

Last month, town residents Carolyn Watts and Helen Manson put forward their vision for a heated, outdoor pool, which they say offers a new approach to providing public swimming in the town.

Now, the duo have published a questionnaire on the campaign’s Facebook page, asking local people when they would use such a facility and how much they would be prepared to pay for it.

More than 70 people have completed the questionnaire since it was launched last week.

And Ms Watts said: “I think that’s fantastic. I’m really pleased and encouraged.”

She said most respondents had indicated they would use an outdoor swimming pool, with the only ones indicating they would not being non-swimmers.

Ms Watts said that showed another aspect of why the facility is needed, and added that a number of participants have also offered money towards the costs of the project.

The questionnaire includes space for supporters to say how they would like any financial contributions they wish to make to be recognised, should the project go ahead.

Ms Watts also revealed that the campaign has won the support of the Swaffham and District Swimming Pool Association (SPA), who suspended their own campaign for a pool in the town two years ago.

The development follows an initial meeting between the parties last week. Further talks will now take place to determine how the association will back the project.

And Ms Watts said they plan to present the results of their survey at the association’s annual general meeting in April.