Buttercross, September 4, 2015: Let our children grow naturally

The Buttercross in Swaffham. ENGANL00120140402155632
The Buttercross in Swaffham. ENGANL00120140402155632
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I don’t doubt I am not alone in worrying over the way some of our young people are being brought up in these far from easy times.

Certainly most of us will agree that family life as it was not that many years ago has changed, and perhaps not for the better.

Gone are the days when dad was expected to go out to work and mum remained at home to oversee the running of the home, considered then just as an important task.

Recent financial pressures on the home dictate that in many cases both parents need to bring in a wage.

This means the closeness most of us knew within our own families in earlier times is being diminished.

Available time that parents can spend with their children, when tired after a day’s work, dictates this fact. The outcome is that children in many homes do not receive the attention they need.

Many of us know that bringing up children successfully is a very time-consuming task. From the time a baby is born until a young adult goes out into the world, it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that that youngster is reaching its full potential at every stage.

In those formative years, each age a child passes through is to be cherished, nurtured and enjoyed. Today there seems to be the need, perhaps out of perceived necessity, to rush young people through their growing, and developing, years.

As an analogy, sound buildings require good foundations which then support a sound and well completed structure. Our young people are no different and should not be rushed into adulthood for the convenience of their parents.

Climbing a tree is a childish challenge and obviously involves risk. We all did such things as youngsters and many a grazed knee was the outcome.

Nevertheless, such a challenge needed to be taken, and experienced. Taking on such risks as this then expands and is carried on into later life.

That same skill will be required together with many more and “risk” and decision making will be faced many times. Life skills like this are important.

Children are quite capable of achieving all these tasks with good sensible support from home, offered in a measured and sensible way. As adults they surely will then be all the better for such an upbringing.