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I’ve been at KL.FM for 17 years now and often get asked “Don’t you get bored after all that time?”, I can honestly say “No, never!” Every day brings something new, a different challenge, event, place or person will pass my way making every day different to the last.

This month alone I’ve spent an afternoon giving away free ice lollies to shoppers on the hottest day of the year in the Vancouver Quarter. This created lots of smiles for many people who were hot and bothered rushing around on their lunch break or shopping. I was part of the Wisbech Rose Fair with KLFM’s Super Trooper Bear and met thousands of people along the route and later the same evening hosted KLFM’s 80s night at Festival Too in front of another 12,000 people. Bucks Fizz played that night and I was able to make four people’s dreams come true by arranging a meet and greet with the group.

The next day was spent in Sandringham with my new title for the day of ‘Royal Correspondent’ when I joined thousands of well-wishers to greet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the royal christening. Not only did I take a cheeky selfie with Prince William and his young family I also managed to get a world exclusive of their walk to the Church of St Mary Magdelyn, my video was the first published footage anywhere! My portable WI-FI on the day allowed the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 email their newsrooms.

A few days later I made a visit to Highgate Infant School to see the transformation of their school garden after it was vandalised last year. Listeners to my show made some generous donations and I went to see them all in place and meet the now happy children.

Then came my job as judge for Super Learning Day at Springwood High – I had to taste 10 smoothies created from scratch by the whole of Year 7. You won’t be surprised to read that some tasted nicer than others!

Thursday last week I found myself on a bucking bronco on the school playing field hosting Springfest on my 41st birthday – and as the school bell rang, the bands who performed went back to the stage to sing Happy Birthday. I can’t thank them enough for that, it was very special.

And this weekend I’ve been charged with creating a Sea Monster using Lego bricks for the Sea-Life Centre in Hunstsnton!

Oh, I also wrote this column and did the job I love presenting KLFM Breakfast. Thanks for listening and reading!

I think you’ll agree, “Every day is different!”