KL.FM Off-Air, by Ashleigh Tuttle, October 28, 2016

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It’s been a busy couple of months in Tuttle Towers! (Though perhaps I shouldn’t call it that as the other half wouldn’t be too impressed.) So I’ve moved into the glorious centre of King’s Lynn, as opposed to Watlington where I was living before. Being just five minutes from work hasn’t entirely set in yet, even more so the fact that I’m now living round the corner from my amazing boss Darren! (Best to get the brownie points in quickly.)

My two bunnies Pebbles and Puddles were a bit unsure at first. They’re used to the luxury of lazing on the grass you see, and as the weather gets colder they’re fattening up for the winter all cosy in their bedroom. They have had a little explore though, and judging by their happy hops they approve.

We decided to upgrade when we moved into our second house and went for one with two bedrooms. This is something my two older sisters have taken great glee at hinting at the possibility of a baby. Well, the joke’s on them as I have my new baby. My little Mowgli.

Mowgli is our long-awaited kitten (believe me, I’ve been talking about her for weeks!) Mainly black, she has some little flecks of ginger and white over her body, and is about the size of my hand. She’s getting quite the little tummy on her though as we spoil her rotten.

We bought her so many toys, but she was more amused by a bit of paper from the litter tray! She’s a feisty little thing but is settling in nicely. She was even brave enough to meet the two bunnies yesterday, neither of which seemed that impressed with each other.

One of the best bits about my new house is that I can see across The Walks. This makes it almost too tempting to stay in bed and watch the fireworks at the glorious Fawkes in the Walks from home. However, I’m going to brave the cold and join Ross, Si and Charles to watch the incredible display I’m sure will take place.

As well as being incredibly busy at home, we are very quickly getting into the full swing of Christmas! ‘It’s only October!’ I hear you shout, but there is just so much to be done. This includes gaining some nominations for the Young Hero Awards. Every year KL.FM strives to find young heroes in West Norfolk, Fakenham, and Wisbech to give them a little recognition.

Whether you’re a family member, teacher or a friend, you can nominate someone who you think deserves an award. If you know someone 18 or under who’s gone above and beyond what you could ever have expected, you can nominate them on our website. Good luck!