KL.FM Off-Air by Ross Birkenshaw, January 19, 2016

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Yesterday was apparently what’s known as “Blue Monday” – the most depressing day of the year. It’s apparently the day when we are most fed-up and stressed with the cold weather and post-Christmas debt. You might be interested to know it was actually created by a holiday company in 2005, based on very little, if any, scientific foundations.

If we remove the obvious marketing ploy of the holiday firm involved, is this time of year really that depressing? For some, I suppose it might be. The journeys to and from work in the dark. Freezing cold weather and the anxious wait for the next pay cheque. But only a few days ago we were all looking forward to the New Year, what we’ll achieve over the coming months, the resolutions we made (are you still keeping to yours?) and what changes we might make to improve ourselves.

So where has all of that optimism gone in just a couple of weeks? I’m still very excited about what 2016 may bring not only personally, but also professionally. I’m filled with such hope and eagerness for the coming months. If only I could share with you some of the “projects” we’re working on here at KL.FM Towers. It’s all very exciting.

I may not be suffering from “Blue Monday” but, if any of you tuned in to any of my news bulletins last week, you’ll be aware that I was more than being hampered by this dreaded cold and bug that has been doing the rounds since before Christmas. It’s not often I take to my bed ill, but last week was one such occasion. Dosed up on antibiotics, vitamin C and pain killers, I remembered in a cough filled haze, one time I went to speak to a local WI group about my job, what I do and how I do it. One of the lovely ladies asked me what news readers do when we get a cold. “It’s simple”; I said. “We don’t read, don’t speak and keep quiet.” Much to the relief of many of my family, friends and even some colleagues!

Thankfully, I’m now pretty much back up to full strength and gearing up for KL.FM’s big event this month, the West Norfolk Sports Awards, celebrating sporting excellence and achievement in our community. It’s going to be my first such event and I can’t wait to congratulate all of the deserved winners.

Lastly, in my last column I looked at the work of our local MP. Since then, he’s been recognised in the New Year’s honours. Congratulations Sir Henry Bellingham. Well done and well deserved.