KL.FM Off Air, by Ross Birkenshaw, October 6

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They say charity begins at home. But what if you don’t have a home? One of the things I am responsible for in my role as News Editor at KL.FM is selecting and putting together our Charity of the Month.

Each month we choose one West Norfolk-based charity and look at the work they do, who they help and support and how we as a radio station and community can help them continue their important role within our community.

This year, we’ve shone our spotlight on a wide range of organisations, including Bridge for Heroes, West Norfolk Carers, the Magpie Centre, West Norfolk Riding for the Disabled and Nelson’s Journey.

This month, as the nights drawn in and temperatures get colder, there are some in our community who will not have a dry, warm place to stay. Scores of people will be forced to rely on the help, support and services offered by the Purfleet Trust in King’s Lynn.

Since 1993 the charity has been helping single homeless people, supporting them to get back on their feet. The work they do is truly amazing. Many people will, thankfully, never find themselves homeless and on the streets; know of the worry, fear and desperation of having nowhere to call home, to eat a hot meal, wash and sleep in the dry and warm. However, I have. Several years ago, through a set of circumstances beyond my control I found myself with nowhere to go, no place to call my own. I was lucky that I had friends who took me in and I spent a short time ‘sofa-surfing’. There were a few days and nights where I found myself with no place to go. That short period in my life is now thankfully behind me, but will stay with me forever.

I am sure we all have our own very personal reasons for supporting and donating to the many charities across King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. For me, those dark, dark times are what spur me on and give me my passion to do everything we can at KL.FM to support those who support others. It is for these reasons why I have such a difficult time each month deciding which charity we should focus on.

There are so many worthy causes, but I want to hear from any local charity, big or small, no matter what you do or who you support. Please get in touch with me and let KL.FM help you achieve new and exciting things in 2016.