KL.FM Off-Air, by Simon Rowe, May 19, 2015

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Thanks for all the feedback on last week’s column regarding another columnist’s negative views on King’s Lynn. During and after my show, on KLFM’s website and after it was published here the majority of people disagreed with Diane’s words, around 95% in fact. I said it’s too easy to be negative about King’s Lynn but there is so much to smile about, and not just the town itself but Lynn’s proximity to so many other amazing places such as the beautiful beach in Old Hunstanton where I took my dog for a stroll with the family last week. I thought it would be nice to share some of the feedback to my show with you.

Jon Seymour: I’ve spent many hours walking around Lynn with my camera. Sure it has its moments but all towns/cities do to some degree. I moved here 12 years ago and I love it.

Jan Sharp: King’s Lynn is the same as everywhere else. Yes Norfolk St is not ideal at weekends but the lady chose to live there. It’s been the same for many years and you get yobs all over the world. I was brought up in the Walks area and now a senior citizen and have never ever seen anyone around having sex in the town or area.

Val Daniell: When one writes in a newspaper on a regular basis, it must be hard to find something newsworthy? I would suggest, this a figment of her imagination? Certainly, not in my experience or the vast majority of others. One of, if not the best kept town I have seen and a pleasure to walk round!

Esther Wild: I’ve not lived here long but if I’ve been visiting since I was a child. It’s a beautiful place full of character and history, and lovely people we’re all happier living here!

Jo Bobbet: Agree with a lot of what you say but have to strongly disagree re the spitting, it is everywhere in the streets and in the town centre, disgusting habit and is getting much the normal here

Jo Jones: People moan about anti-social behaviour in Lynn, however you get that anywhere where lots of people live, there are also a lot of decent, kind and hardworking people

Aimee Talbot: I was born in King’s Lynn and have lived here my whole life. Yes it could be improved but from my view, it has everything you need, leisure, work, shops, cinema and every type of supermarket.

Stay positive.