KL.FM Off-Air, Christopher Dean, programme manager, July 28, 2015

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You may have seen my first article in this paper, written just a few days after arriving in Kings Lynn to take up my new post at KL.FM.

Some 6 weeks on and I can honestly say I never expected to feel so at home in such a short space of time. My girlfriend lives in Burnley, Lancashire and I have moved here to become part of the KL.FM team. Therefore every weekend when Sarah visits now becomes a little mini-weekend break - and you don’t need to go far to have an amazing time. My t-shirt sun tan has come on leaps and bounds thanks to falling asleep on the beach at Snettisham and on the green at Hunstanton. My waistline has expanded rapidly thanks to the many brilliant restaurants and opportunities to eat wonderful food at the markets. And my bank balance has seen the benefits of so many things laid on to entertain which cost nothing (Festival Too being the obvious example). T hen there is the bustling nightlife of Norfolk Street which, if I’m honest, I’m overly familiar with thanks to renting a flat that overlooks Norfolk Street! When I viewed the property it was on a nice quiet mid-week morning. When I arrived in King’s Lynn it was at 10pm on a Friday! Luckily I can operate on not much sleep! (my location has contributed to the expanding waistline. A man living the bachelor life with a parade of kebab shops and curry houses just yards from his front door is going to gain wait. Guaranteed).

There has though been a turn of events in recent weeks that has put into perspective those ‘problems’ of living on a noisy street and the uncertainty if living a four hour drive away from your girlfriend. The KL.FM team were rocked by the news of the passing of our former News Editor Emily Bull. She died suddenly after a short battle with cancer. She was 32.

We announced the news in the most fitting way we could think of, as our lead story in our news bulletin. Emily was an outstanding broadcaster, who quite rightly received national accolades for her talents. More than that, she was an excellent friend to a huge amount of people. KL.FM would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt messages of condolence, messages which we have passed on to Emily’s husband and family.

I am relatively new to the team at KL.FM but her impact whilst she worked here is obvious for a variety of reasons. Most notably, Emily worked tirelessly with local charities and community causes, not because she felt obliged to, but because she wanted to and she understood the good things that a local radio station should be doing for the community is serves. RIP Emily x