KLFM Off Air, by Simon Rowe, January 26, 2016

KLFM's Simon Rowe. ENGANL00120130802122222
KLFM's Simon Rowe. ENGANL00120130802122222
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As you may have seen, heard or even read I’m currently on mission to meet 10,000 people in West Norfolk and Wisbech as part of a challenge set by the team at KLFM. The deal is that everybody I meet has a selfie with me, I add it to the hall of fame and then once we hit 10,000 selfies one of the people I’ve been snapped with will win an iPad along with some fantastic prizes and opportunities along the way.

It’s been enormous fun so far, if a little awkward carrying the selfie board with me wherever I go. I have to say completely worth it though, 10,000 selfies has made my job of getting out in the community and helping others even easier. It’s fair to say there’s not a day goes by where I don’t get an invite to something in our area and for that I can’t thank you enough. Most recently I’ve been learning about the great job done by the animal rescue centres in West Norfolk, I’ve spoken at the Walpole Cross Keys WI about KLFM and of course this very challenge. Today I will be meeting the amazing people behind Encouraging Enterprise at that fantastic new building you may of seen appear almost from nowhere on the Nar Ouse Way. All of these kind of events whilst a great opportunity for me to take selfies are also a chance for me to learn about what’s happening in our area, the brilliant people that do it and hopefully with the publicity on my show help them help even more people.

I have to say I really enjoyed myself at WI meeting, the ladies were so much fun and made me feel very welcome. As with any event where you stand in front of an audience I’m always a little nervous and wondered if I would know what to say, they needed me to talk for 30 minutes but I think once I got going it was more like an hour! Best of all after my talk I was plied with tea and the most amazing cake.

My next really big opportunity to boost my numbers with the selfie challenge will be on April 1st at the Corn Exchange in King’s Lynn, that night will see hundreds of listeners and party goers enjoying a night of ‘nothing but the 90’s’. This is KLFM’s night of tunes played by myself and the team along with an awesome live band performing songs from the likes of Oasis, Blur, Supergrass and more. I think this will be an great night and, of course, good for my selfie count, too.

Learn more about Nothing But the 90’s and see the selfies so far which by the way include a few famous faces at KLFM967.CO.UK.

Thanks for reading and listening to my show. See you tomorrow from 6 for KLFM Breakfast.