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I’ve just had a look in my diary for the next few weeks and months and I can’t believe just how busy things are at this time of year. By the time this edition of the Lynn News is published I’ll be spending the day with my management team here at the station and our big boss putting the final touches to our next 12 month business plan.

The following week the whole of the staff here are spending a day with a consultant we work with from time to time called ‘Tracker’. I know a name like Tracker makes him sound like some kind of crazy, tree-hugging hippy and over the years we’ve certainly done some very unusual things when he’s been here. He’s actually a very well respected business advisor who has worked with companies all over the world...but he is a bit ‘different’. We’re going to be using the Town Hall as the venue so if you happen to see Simon Rowe or Posh Charles doing some strange things on the pavement by the Saturday Market Place, you now know why.

After that I’m off with the other Managing Directors in our group (there are 15 of us in total) to our annual summer conference. For the last few years we’ve been abroad to different locations around Europe. I know that it sounds like an excuse for a bit of a holiday... a group of radio managers supposedly working while flying to Majorca or Porto, but genuinely we do get through a huge amount of work. (Honestly!). This year we’re going on the Eurostar to Lille in Northern France. I know France well because my wife and I go there for holidays most years, but I’ve never been to Lille. Hopefully we’ll get chance to at least see a little bit of the city in between sessions on Management Accounting and the latest developments in radio studio technology or whatever happens to be on this year’s agenda. At the very least, we should get to sample some of the famous local beers they produce up there.

Then it’s Festival Too, the King’s Lynn classical musical festival, the RAF Freedom Parade and the Spitfire trail, the 1940’s festival and all sorts of things...and that’s just in Lynn itself. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m not sure there’s a free weekend in my diary until some in September. This column is also a nice opportunity for me to say a public thank you to Simon at KL.FM. We’ve been a little short-staffed for the last couple of months waiting for our new Programme Controller, Chris, to relocate down to West Norfolk from our radio station in Blackburn. Simon has worked his little socks off doing all sorts of stuff behind the scenes as well as getting up at 4.30am every day to host the Breakfast thank you, Si!