Ross Garrigan, October 11, 2016

Ross Garrigan, of KL.FM ANL-160829-141957001
Ross Garrigan, of KL.FM ANL-160829-141957001
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The dreaded word has been said so many times already we may as well just put the tinsel up! Certainly in our office, Christmas is well and truly under way.

We’ve already started planning light switch-ons, preparations are well under way for our Toy Appeal and children across West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham are practicing our Sleeps ‘Til Santa song, ready for their moment in the spotlight with our breakfast presenter, Si.

The only thing missing is the songs! But we’re not saying that too loudly in case Posh Charles feels the sudden urge to play THAT Mariah song.

This is my first Christmas at KLFM and I’m already amazed how excited the entire radio station is about it. I don’t just mean the mulled wine (though that will be a highlight) but about the excellent things that the radio station does to help the community celebrate.

We’ll be doing the stuff you’d expect. Bumble will be donning a tinsel necklace and singing about Rudolf, Charles will be flamboyantly taking to the stage (he’ll ironically call it “acting”) in the Corn Exchange panto, but it’s the extra stuff that really makes a difference.

Take the Toy Appeal. Simon Rowe is already waist high in wrapping paper and sellotape in preparation. I know Si well enough to know that his enthusiasm on the radio for the Toy Appeal is genuine. It’s the highlight of his year. And it’s not just that he gets to meet loads of people (and take EVEN MORE selfies) but the fact he honestly knows he’s doing something brilliant.

Our Toy Appeal, largely co-ordinated by him but thanks entirely to you, will mean that children across West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham who might not have as magical a Christmas as you will are going to have a smile on their face.

To find out where, when and how easily you can help – make sure you listen to Si on KLFM. If you do one selfless thing this year, make it a donation to the Toy Appeal. It gives you the right to smile to yourself for a very long time.

Oh, and brace yourself for Sleeps ‘Til Santa. You’re going to hear it 24 days in a row. Every morning. And you’ll still be singing it in March.