Ten weeks after election, MPs off to enjoy six-week recess

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It only seems like yesterday we were all glued to media outlets to hear the latest glib promises from political leaders as they vied with each other to buy your vote in the Election.

Since then we’ve seen the rapid disappearance of a number of politicos after their respective ignominious defeats and the confident rise of the victors as they wade into the political arena with a new-found sense of their own importance and a re-invigorated belief in their right to rule us.

At the very top of their political hit list are Trade Unions who are the natural enemies of Conservatism. New laws are being prepared to curb union activities to the point where are financially unsustainable and totally ineffective as defenders of the working man. But for those of us who have been massively inconvenienced by their strikes it’s about time, and for those scratching a living on minimum wages the unions could be their last hope of a better future where hard-nosed bosses cannot browbeat staff and threaten the sack if you don’t toe the line.

At this point you might say our Tory masters were behaving as you’d expect but then they turn on another ‘sacred cow’ and prepare to force doctors to give up their weekends and drag them kicking and screaming back to the wards to attend to patients who statistically seem to be more inclined to die at these times while a significant proportion of our medics are on the golf course.

Having ladled largesse on their heads a few years ago and promised salaries and work schedules that paid little heed to the 24/7 
nature of illness, it appears Jeremy Hunt is going to have to don his tin hat and frog-march the doctors back into full-time service of patients to reduce the number (6,000) who die unnecessarily each year because of their reluctance to work after 4.30pm on a Friday.

It doesn’t end there, the next sacred cow in the Government’s sights is the BBC, which has often incurred the wrath of David Cameron, and it now looks as though he’s got them in his sights for massive reform. Whether you believe the BBC is the property of The People or a tool of Government is not for The Big Eye to debate here but I’d guess they aren’t doing this merely to fill their days.

But if it means we’re going to have to endure the last bastion of ‘advert-free’ television being turned over to people who flog fizzy drinks or sell insurance with fluffy toys them I’m against any sort of change whatsoever.

So, after 10 weeks of the new Parliament we wave ‘toodle-pip’ today as they take their well-earned six weeks’ holiday in recess and look forward to the 7th of September when they all return and Mr Cameron revives his attempts to change the fox hunting law so that his chums can 
revert to type and get back to what’s really important 
. . . tearing foxes to bits. Happy Hols!