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King's Lynn, Sutton Bridge and Wisbech form the backdrop for EA Parker's debut novel On That Day

Our area provides the backdrop for a gripping debut novel by author EA Parker.

On That Day is a suspense-filled psychological thriller which sees protagonist Stephen recount a devastating school shooting from his childhood, and how those actions scarred the community.

The story takes an open minded look at the clashes between the modern and traditional, rural and urban views which regularly conflict within society, and how they lead to a catastrophic chain of events.

On That Day by EA Parker is set in the Fens
On That Day by EA Parker is set in the Fens

“I wanted to write about things which I have come across in my life and career, which I thought were important things to say,” the author explained.

“One of the sub-themes is bullying in schools.

“I was also interested in the clash of rural culture in this area, particularly wildfowling and shooting and how the modern world tends to treat that as something that is cruel to animals and outmoded.

“I wanted to indicate I consider it a grey area, rather than people jumping to conclusions one side or the other.

“The perpet-rators are considered evil and almost inhuman. I thought to myself, what if we have a story with an ordinary man with a lot of good points, what would happen to make somebody like that lose it?

“I was interested in what leads people to that.”

Although set in a fictional school, Lynn, Sutton Bridge and Wisbech all feature in On That Day.

The protagonist’s home takes direct inspiration from the isolated cottages close to the East Lighthouse close near Sutton Bridge.

“It’s a remarkable area,” added the author, who has spent most of their adult life living in the Fens.

“It has a beauty which I tend to see but a lot of people who visit it don’t see.

“They say it’s boring and flat, and what they miss are the skies and the space and the fact that a line of poplar trees in the distance can be the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen in a day where everything else is flat.

“It’s a very special landscape.

“Also, I think it has such a rich historical culture and I think it’s underappreciated by people who don’t live in the area.”

For young Stevie, living with his mother in an isolated cottage in the Fens, his next-door neighbour Ronnie is a hero.

He knows all there is to know about shooting and fishing and cares for Stevie like a father.

But Stevie’s life at school is nowhere near as happy and gets even more difficult when he is befriended by a new teacher, whose lifestyle and beliefs are very different from those of Ronnie, whose world is also beginning to fall apart.

Published by Market Day Books, On That Day is available in paperback priced £8.99.

It is also available on Kindle format, which is priced £4.99 or free via Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

A second novel has been completed, with a release date yet to be scheduled.

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