Owners’ shock as pet dog is attacked in King’s Lynn

Obi the chihuahua
Obi the chihuahua

A Lynn couple have been left distraught after their chihuahua was practically “ripped apart” by a larger dog on a town estate.

Norman Page, 83, and Carole Page, 76, took their 12-year-old chihuahua, Obi, for a walk in Hillington Square where it was viciously attacked by a Staffordshire terrier.

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The larger dog ran towards the couple and began to attack Obi, leaving him with serious injuries.

The owner of the Staffie, who appeared moments after the ordeal, reportedly walked away with his dog without apologising to the couple.

A devastated Mrs Page said: “It all happened in no time. The dog ran up to Obi and i and it bit into him as i tried to pick him up.

“The skin on his back leg was hanging off and when the owner appeared he just got his dog and went. He didn’t say sorry.”

The couple were forced to take a bus to Vets4Pets, Hardwick, to receive treatment for little Obi who required surgery due to the seriousness of his injuries.

Practice director at Vets4Pets, Hardwick, Julie Clark, said: “Obi was shaking and was in shock when he was brought in. He was in quite a lot of pain.

“His owners were also in shock.

“I have never seen anything as bad as this before, but he is recovery well and is set to go home.”

Little Obi, who is now back with his owners and making a remarkable recovery, has become a social media star after a Facebook and GoFundMe page was set-up to help raise cash for his treatment.

“Obi is a tough little dog and he is already recovering really well,” said Mrs Page.

“I felt lost without him at home.

“He always follows me around and he has just 
always been there ever since we got him around five years ago.

“I didn’t know people could be so kind.

“Everybody has been so kind to us and i think it is wonderful.”