Palm Paper’s power station plan moves closer

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Palm Paper’s plan to build a power station next to its paper mill in Saddlebow has moved to the next stage of the planning process.

The Planning Inspectorate has formally accepted the application and interested parties are now being urged to register to have their say.

A statement issued by the Planning Inspectorate said: “Interested parties in an application can say what they agree or disagree with in the application and why, comment on what other people have said in their representations, attend a preliminary meeting and say how they think the application should be examined, request that an open floor hearing is held and attend and request to speak at open floor or issue-specific hearings should one be held.”

Around three months will be allowed for interested parties to come forward.

The Planning Inspectorate then has six months to carry out examination of the application and a further three months to present their findings to the relevant secretary of state. The secretary of state’s decision on whether the power station can be built will be due three months after that – around the beginning of 2016.

Palm Paper wants to build the facility to power the mill and reduce its reliance on imported energy.

Its website says the proposed combined cycle gas turbine plant will replace two existing and less efficient boilers and reduce overall CO2 emissions from the site.

It says that “would be beneficial to the UK meeting its greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments.”

It is now up to Palm Paper to publicise the need for interested parties to register an interest. They will be able to do that online with the Planning Inspectorate by visiting the project’s page and completing the online ‘Registration and Relevant Representation form’.

Alternatively, those without internet access may call the Planning Inspectorate, National Infrastructure Directorate helpline: 0303 444 5000 for a printed registration form.