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It’s a Dad’s Life with Neil Gayton, of Stephenson Smart

The school run is now in full swing and it’s like we have never been away.

New polo shirts with ink stains, shoes caked in mud, jumpers disappearing into the abyss of the classroom never to appear again.

And despite getting up at 6am, we still leave with a minute to spare and the house is trashed.

Neil Gayton, accountant with Stephenson Smart (42246198)
Neil Gayton, accountant with Stephenson Smart (42246198)

Aside from the usual mayhem it’s actually amazing to see how quickly the boys have both adjusted after six months at home. Both are coping fine and getting used to the new rules and classroom bubbles.

The eldest, who literally skipped into school, worked really hard during lockdown and completed all his work with honours.

The smaller one learnt a front flip on the trampoline.

One has already been accepted onto the student council, while the other is just excited he can still play bulldog and football in the playground. No prizes for guessing which statement is applicable to which child.

As for me, I’m back working at the offices of Stephenson Smart helping some clients make a fresh start.

It was sadly inevitable that redundancies would play a huge part for businesses forced to fold or restructure during what has been economically one of the most turbulent years we have ever seen.

Thankfully some people who have suffered have dusted themselves down and secured new positions. For others it’s been a catalyst for a change in career or a new business start-up.

We are seeing an upturn in new business ventures especially with the changes in the Job Retention Scheme expected next month.

As business start-up specialists we can offer practical advice on beginning and running a small business and minimising tax payments.

So, if anyone has a new business idea enticing children to school on time without the habitual need to retrieve a ‘vital’ never-seen-before toy from their bedroom while the engine is running, I’d love to assist.


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