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Tilney St Lawrence paramedic who has suffered with long Covid for 14 months trials new plant based supplement YourGutPlus+ and Pyhto-V from Addenbrooke's and said his 'life has changed' in a matter of days

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A paramedic from Tilney St Lawrence says that a plant based probiotic called YourGutPlus+ trial has "changed his life" after suffering from long Covid for 14 months.

Matt Webb,52, has been off from work due to long Covid and was "desperate" to find a cure that would alleviate his symptoms of joint pain and exhaustion.

The father of two and husband has been featured on BBC Look East and ITV Anglia to speak out the life changing experience of the trial.

The trial, which is being held at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, is led by a Dr Thompson. YourGutPlus+ and Phyto-V are the two supplements used for the national pyhto-v intervention study trialled all over the UK.

Matt Webb's "life has changed" since starting the trial (56229784)
Matt Webb's "life has changed" since starting the trial (56229784)

People suffering from long Covid in the NHS and teaching profession were put into group courses by health professionals about fatigue management and they scoured the internet looking for something to help them get back to normality.

Mr Webb said:"We were put in a group on Microsoft Teams for fatigue workshop and we all got together afterwards to talk. We all spoke and the number one thing with seems to be the chronic fatigue. I've got a cupboard full of lotions and potions and none of it works.

"After three days on the trial and I noticed my life changed, I physically couldn't do things and now I can. I had no energy before and I've been able to go away in my caravan and managed to do 20,000 steps and there has been no physical repercussions.

"I would do things around the house but that would destroy me two days in bed paying for it, the pain in the joints was worse I couldn't even pick. up a cup of tea.

"It didn't matter how much you rested, you still felt exhausted with long Covid.

Matt Webb's "life has changed" since starting the trial (56229781)
Matt Webb's "life has changed" since starting the trial (56229781)

"I'm not out of the woods yet, there are still symptoms and now I have to take beta blockers and my heart rate has gone nuts, I'm waiting to see a cardiologist."

Mr Webb is based in the ambulance station at the QEH caught Covid-19 a week prior to having his first vaccination booked.

He was admitted to hospital with the illness and was diagnosed with Covid along with pneumonia.

Matt Webb's "life has changed" since starting the trial (56229793)
Matt Webb's "life has changed" since starting the trial (56229793)

The paramedic saw the death of other patients on the ward and said: "The treatment I got was second to none it was amazing, but it was a horrible time for my family, I thought I was going to die.

"I'm ex military and done some crazy stuff and to think this bug would get me I couldn't believe it."

Mr Webb went into the QEH on December 12 and was put on nasal oxygen.

The ex RAF airman spent Christmas and his birthday on the ward, and was finally released this January.

The nurses on the ward celebrated his birthday wearing PPE from a safe distance and Mr Webb was given a plastic wrapped cake with a battery operated candle with strict instructions "not to blow it out".

Upon returning home Mr Webb couldn't get up the stairs and noticed the exhaustion wasn't getting any better.

After joining the fatigue workshops and speaking with others suffering from long Covid he came across a Daily Mail article that mentioned the trail and hasn't looked back since.

Matt Webb's "life has changed" since starting the trial (56229790)
Matt Webb's "life has changed" since starting the trial (56229790)

He said: "It feels great to be back at work, it's everything we have great banter together and all my buddies are here it's good for my mental health if nothing else. Long Covid has been a very solitary experience.

"Getting my green uniform on has lifted me up even more."

The probiotic is not currently available on the NHS, but the tablets can potentially cost £40 a month, something Mr Webb says is "absolutely worth it".

It is available to buy on Amazon but is currently sold out but it can also be bought from the YourGutPlus+ website for £14.99.

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