Parish council beckons in bright new era with Snettisham street lights

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Work begins this week on the new street lighting in Snettisham.

The parish council has recently given the go ahead for all the street lights that they maintain to be converted to LEDs to save costs, be greener and reduce light pollution.

Eric Langford ENGANL00120130205095352

Eric Langford ENGANL00120130205095352

The cost – £35,000 for the 113 lights – will be funded from surpluses generated by economies and using volunteers for maintenance and ground works.

The savings should be some £4,000 annually. In addition, funding has been promised by Solar Associates, who are planning a solar farm in the village, should it be approved by West Norfolk Council.

The project will provide enough electricity to power half the homes in Snettisham.

Parish council chairman, Eric Langford, said: “The council can look forward to significantly reduced energy bills and the villagers can look upward to better enjoy the spectacular night displays often present in the sky above Snettisham.

“I would like to suggest this represents a classic “win-win” situation for all and thank my colleague councillors, and the Parish Clerk, for their commitment in helping achieve this objective.”

The lighting is being provided by Westcotec, the parish’s long-term lighting provider.

The lighting will be turned off during the small hours, apart from principal junctions and in future it may be extended to the part of the village west of the by-pass which is currently unlit.