Plans for new homes will ‘enhance’ Docking

Planning applications
Planning applications
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Plans to build 33 new homes and improve road conditions in Docking have been approved by West Norfolk Council’s planning committee.

The outline application for land on the north side of High Street was given permission by councillors on Monday.

As part of the application, a pedestrian route from Well Street and Pound Lane has also been outlined.

Agent Andrew Hiorns, representing the applicant Farm Supplies (East Anglia) Ltd, said: “This is a comprehensively prepared application which can be developed in an attractive way. We have leafleted the whole village about these plans, too.

“The site is allocated for housing for at least 20 dwellings, and we felt that 33 is the appropriate number.”

While discussing the application, committee members raised concerns about the number of developments, historic features of the site, and amenities.

Committee member, and ward councillor, Andrew Morrison said: “Permission has recently been granted for 77 new homes in Docking, and with this, another 33. It looks as though we could have upwards of 150 new houses, some of which are resigned to being second homes.

“We should think whether we should try and limit it to 20. I also have concerns about water supply. I think this is good for the overall future of the village, but it’s just the numbers I’m concerned about.”

But chairman Vivienne Spikings said the plan was a “very low density scheme”.

Avril Wright shared her thoughts on the plans, particularly relating to the historic nature of the site, when she pointed out that two Second World War Tett Turrets are located there.

She asked: “Will the site be prepared for people visiting if these turrets become a scheduled ancient monument?”

But the majority of members said they could see the benefits that this development could have for the village.

Martin Storey said: “The landowner here has been very generous – only putting in 33 houses is a very generous offer, and it does sit very well on that site.

“We are moving in different times now, we have to grasp change. Is this going to enhance Docking – yes, it probably will. I think we should grasp opportunities such as this.”

Despite some of the committee members’ concerns, they approved the plans which are subject to a section 106 agreement being completed within four months.