In or Out? Where do you stand on EU referendum?

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West Norfolk’s politicians are stepping up their campaigns ahead of the EU referendum - and we want to know what you think.

Today, we’re launching a new online poll as formal campaigning ahead of the June 23 referendum begins in earnest.

And, as latest opinion polls suggesting the issue remains too close to call, one of the borough’s MPs has warned that its young people have the most to lose from a possible Brexit.

Environment secretary and South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss delivered the message during a visit to the University of East Anglia on Thursday.

She said: “Young people have the biggest stake in this referendum. This is about their future, and the future prosperity and security of our country.

“I have no doubt that young people are stronger, safer and better off in Europe.”

But Toby Coke, the Norfolk County Council UKIP group leader, claimed that was an example of the “fear” Leave campaigners say the Remain side is spreading in order to win votes.

He said: “People like Liz Truss are claiming the danger is to take a leap in the dark and we’re far better off with the status quo.

“There is no such thing. It’s moving all the time. It’s not stopping the European project and I hope young people take that on board.”

Today’s poll is our second attempt to gauge the mood of the public ahead of the referendum.

In February, a straw poll of 100 people taken in Lynn showed people wanting to leave the EU outnumbered those who wanted to stay in by nearly three to one.

However, while 43 of our respondents wanted to leave, 42 said they were undecided on the issue, suggesting there is still all to play for.

Members of the North West Norfolk constituency Labour Party have already been campaigning for a vote to remain and are preparing more leafleting events over the coming weeks.

John Collop, leader of the party’s group on West Norfolk Council, acknowledged that individual party members may hold their own views on the issue.

But he added: “We think it’s more sensible and more beneficial for the country as a whole to remain.”

And, despite the divisions between the now officially designated Out campaign, Vote Leave, and the Grassroots Out organisation, Mr Coke said he was confident the two sides would now unite to secure an exit vote.

He described the referendum as Independence Day, adding: “It’s the end of the country unless we vote to get out.”

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The poll will stay open until noon this Friday, April 22.