Pott Row mother’s calls to improve ‘terrible’ school bus service

Natasha Moore unhappy with the school bus service provided to son Robbie. ANL-151115-154601009
Natasha Moore unhappy with the school bus service provided to son Robbie. ANL-151115-154601009
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A mother is demanding improvements to a school bus service that she has described as “terrible.”

Natasha Moore is unhappy with the Norfolk Green service which is used to convey her son Robbie, 14, from their home in Pott Row to Springwood High School in Lynn.

Mrs Moore says on 11 occasions since September, children have been squashed into a single decker instead of the usual double decker.

She said: “I have told my son not to get on the bus if there is not a seat as he is last on.

“Over the years there has been a big drive about booster seats for children in cars but it doesn’t seem right that he is standing on a bus to get to school.

“It is an accident waiting to happen with children standing in the aisle. It is not safe – especially along that Bawsey road.”

On Thursday last week, Mrs Moore said a single decker was sent.

Mrs Moore, who has complained to both the council and bus firm, said: “Robbie asked if another bus was on the way and was told ‘I don’t think so mate’ by the driver. He wanted until 9am and nothing came.

“The day before he got home at 4.45pm as the bus coming into Queensway hit a concrete bollard and they had to get another bus in. It’s a terrible service.”

Niki Park, commissioning and client services manager at Norfolk County Council, said: “We contract Norfolk Green to provide sufficient capacity for the number of pupils and they should be putting on a double decker or two single decker buses for every journey on this route.

“Supplying insufficient capacity using just one single deck bus is not acceptable practice.

“We know that there have been issues on this route in the past but we believed that they had been resolved so to hear another report of this kind is of concern to us.

“We will be raising this issue with Norfolk Green as a matter of urgency because the safety of Norfolk’s children is our priority and if the provider is continuing to breach the terms of their contract then we will have to look at using the penalties that are available to us.”

Commercial manager for Stagecoach, which owns the firm, Will Smith said: “The incident on Thursday saw a bird strike hit the double decker while it was scheduled to be used on the service. We sent out two single deckers and there was a gap of three minutes between them.

“On occasions where we are not able to provide a double decker vehicle, we will ensure we will send two single deckers to maintain the right level of capacity.”